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Ransomware defeated by Zero Day Recovery™

Zero day cyber attacks are almost impossible to detect and defeat as they use exploits that are previously unknown. This threat is increasing and Zero Day Recovery™ from Tectrade is the best option available to get business systems and data back to operational - fast.

Zero Day Recovery™ potentially costs businesses nothing, it just uses their existing IT investment more efficiently by defining policies and bridging the gap between their cyber teams and their IT teams to provide faster recovery times for their most critical applications.

Once a cyber security team advises there has been an attack and files are encrypted; Tectrade’s Zero Day Recovery™ service will kick in to recover critical systems to a clean state as fast as their policy defines. The cyber team/vendor works in partnership with Tectrade to determine what was the last clean version of the data so a restore point can be set and then the clean data is recovered. Once a vulnerability has been fixed there is then also the ability to roll forward in time to recover what was unclean as required to ensure no critical files are lost. Zero Day Recovery™ backups are designed to be immutable so would not be affected by the attack.

Businesses don’t have to pay the ransom or risk going out of business should the worse happen – Zero Day Recovery™ from Tectrade is their last line of defence.

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We can do this for 4 simple reasons:

  • We work with class-leading and proven technology vendors; building on your existing infrastructure to solve this difficult problem
  • We can offer a unique combination of consulting, hardware, software and managed services; active research on new solutions
  • We use innovative design and delivery models for scalability, performance, agility, automation, security and affordability
  • We have a proven track record and are confident we can bring your business back to an operational state fast

Ransomware recovery

Are you prepared for a ransomware attack? Have you tested your recovery?

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