Understand your data to develop policies for growth


Understand resource allocation and demand


Locate and disperse capacity bottlenecks


Internal cost transparency


Detailed understanding of storage environment to ensure ROI


Improve efficiency by managing assets and utilisation

Really understand your storage & infrastructure

Most large companies have hybrid infrastructures, comprising internal data centers, private clouds, and at least one public cloud service. Increasingly, companies are using more than one public cloud service, as each one has something different to offer and prices are always changing. These choices provide needed flexibility and the potential for carving out the perfect environment for a company’s many needs.

Unfortunately, many IT departments don’t know exactly what’s going on beneath the software and services that run the business. IT leaders aren’t always sure if they have too much or too few resources, nor are they confident in the optimal environment for each application. This is where visibility and insight of storage and infrastructure plays a key role.

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Tectrade help you make the right choices by providing you with visibility and insight into your storage and infrastructure. The benefits help you to:

  • Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure so that you can define policies that will help you meet your business expectations of growth, cost management and performance

  • Understand what storage and compute resources are being used by whom and for what purpose and at what level of demand

  • Find and understand performance and capacity bottle necks to stay ahead of user needs and issues

  • Communicate cost and resource allocation to internal customers

  • Gather detailed data analysis on every aspect of the storage environment that rolls up to concise meaningful reporting to drive management objectives

  • Gain visibility to manage asset allocation, tiering and utilization

Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure

Do you know how much you are storing or what computing resources you are consuming?

Let us help you to understand, and then build you the right solution for storage and computing.

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