Gain insight and visibility of your data


Avoid last minute expensive storage purchases


Ensure your business uses tiering effectively


Make the business case for investment


Forecast your data storage costs

Storage & Infrastucture - Capacity Planning

Your data storage requirements are only ever going to grow and achieving high performance at an affordable cost while reducing risk is your key objective. To do this you need to understand your data storage needs ensuring that you use the most appropriate place to store your data, whether that be for compliance or regulatory reasons or to run your business more efficiently.

Our advanced storage catalogue and storage consulting offerings will help you. We are confident that we can face any challenge however complex the environment to ensure you have the capacity in storage that you need at a price you want.

Tectrade help you make the right choice when building your storage solution. The benefits help you to:

  • Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure so that you can define policies that will help you meet your business expectations of growth, cost management, or performance

  • Prevent storage capacity overrun and avoid last minute purchases of storage at expensive rates

  • Ensure you have the correct range of storage placement for your business such as tiering

  • Make the right investment decisions helping you to make the business case for the most suitable solution

  • Provide forecasted costs of data storage for your business

Prevent storage capacity overrun

Never buy expensive last-minute storage capacity again.

We can help you be ready for data growth, building solutions that are fit for your business using best of breed technologies.

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