Gain insight and visibility of your data


Optimize storage & infrastructure costs


Pay for only what you use


Make the business case for investment


Fast, smooth and easy migration

Seamless cloud migration

The chief benefits listed by organizations that have successfully moved to the cloud include increased efficiency, ease of access, simpler administration and management, and overall lower costs. But before reaping the benefits of cloud technology, businesses will first have to move there successfully; a process often fraught with various challenges, from insufficient planning to obsolete technology, costs and risk of downtime. 

Tectrade provides a time-tested, structured approach to cloud migration, as well as established tools and technology designed to simplify the process, saving you time and money and ensuring you get a solution that best meets your needs.

Tectrade can help you make the right choices when migrating to the cloud. The benefits help you to:

  • Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure so that you can work out what should be migrated to cloud and whether this will provide ROI

  • Understand what storage and compute resources are being used by whom and for what purpose and at what level of demand; to ensure the right cloud solution is selected

  • Review options for moving to an OpEX model rather than CapEX. You only pay for what is used and scaling up or down is simple

  • Accelerate time to value and minimize business impact when migrating

  • Eliminate manual work for provisioning servers, installing software and configuring virtual machines with automated tools for migration

Only pay for what you use

Want to embrace cloud? Don't know where to start?

Let us help you migrate to hybrid cloud without the stress, delivering a policy and solution that is fit for your business.

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