Our expertise spans every scenario from greenfield deployment of public clouds including IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure, to implementation and integration of private clouds, as well as remote management of on-premise infrastructure and traditional hosting.

Software Licensing Optimization

Duplication between on-prem and cloud-based licenses or across group businesses – plus the under-management of these strategic assets, can come at great expense as well as the risk of license non-compliance.

Our solution optimizes the usage and cost of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. This enables your enterprise to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance.

Multi-Cloud Migration Services

Cloud applications deliver almost twice the return on investment over the equivalent on-premise functionality. The challenge is how to migrate to the cloud.

The success of such a critical journey has multiple dependencies – a compelling business case, strategic objectives, thorough planning, and detailed preparation of the existing infrastructure and workloads. 

Our services meet these challenges using fast, secure, and automated workload migration into public and private clouds. 

It means your enterprise can reap the benefits of cloud without the potential risk, delays or cost.

Right cloud. Right workload. Right outcome.

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