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Recover from IT failures fast with Faster Disaster Recovery

Tectrade offers the full suite of components of disaster recovery including continuous data protection, offsite backups and a disaster recovery plan that a business can access in an emergency. We also work with organisations to test their infrastructure, workloads, and all associated components of their applications to ensure that should systems go offline they are able to recover quickly.

Our disaster recovery as a service potentially costs businesses nothing, it just uses their existing IT investment more efficiently by defining policies and outcomes to provide faster recovery times for their most critical applications.

Our service provides businesses with a sense of security, minimizing the risk of delays, guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems, providing a standard for testing the plan, minimizing decision-making during a disaster, reducing potential legal liabilities and lowering unnecessarily stressful work environments.

Businesses don’t have to risk going out of business should their IT fail – Fast Disaster Recovery as a service from Tectrade enables IT operations to continue no matter what.

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Assess the state of your data protection against IT Failure

Reviewing your approach to backup and recovery will help you correct mistakes so you can respond quickly to an outage and reduce costly downtime caused by IT failure.  Tectrade are offering a health check that reviews how well your current data protection and recovery solution is working.  

Click below to request one and find out if you are fully protected against IT failures.

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Our health check service helps you

  • Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure so that you can define policies that will help you meet your recovery objectives should the worse happen using our data protection health check:

    • Match capacity constraints to business demands

    • Identify dangerous bottlenecks

    • Ensure your backup strategy supports your RTO need and strategy

    • Take advantage of the latest innovations in data protection with our independent approach backed by leading vendors such as IBM, Dell/EMC, Rubrik and Veeam.

  • Review options for moving to an OpEX model (versus CapEX) so you pay only for what is used and is simple to scale up or down

  • Optimise data backup and recovery costs by utilising existing assets more efficiently rather than just moving onto the next “shiny thing” and working to reduce unnecessary duplication of data

  • Make the right investment decisions helping you to make the business case for the most suitable solution by showing the impact of no change with our cost optimisation tool

  • Provide forecasted costs of data backup and recovery for your business

  • Take the backup problem away - providing managed backup and recovery using our Helix Protect Managed Service

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Recover from disaster

Are you prepared in case disaster strikes?  Have you tested your recovery plans?

Request a health check and we will provide you with a report on your data protection and recovery maturity, including, providing you with recommendations on how you could improve.

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