Disaster Recovery Services for IBM Power Systems

The Tectrade cloud environment is managed 24x7 and provides high availability failover or disaster recovery targets in case your systems experience issues. Our managed cloud runs on Maximize, the most advanced IBM Power Systems management tool in the industry. Tectrade has been managing critical IBM i, AIX and Linux workloads running on market-leading IBM Power Systems for decades. 

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, our highly accredited experts support platforms on a client’s premises, hosted in a third-party data center or in the Tectrade Cloud. Our multi-cloud platform allows organizations to meet changing demands, increasing and scaling-back resources in private, hybrid or public cloud environments.

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Benefits of DRaaS and IBM Backup Solutions from Tectrade 

  • Extremely Affordable
    Utilize our cloud with no upfront capital outlay or setup charges. You can tailor an affordable DR solution based on your unique business requirements.
  • 24x7 US-Based Support
    Our DR infrastructure resides in US-based data centers with systems monitored and managed 24x7 by technical resources located in Tennessee.
  • IBM Approved
    The service was designed with IBM and is delivered using IBM processes and procedures. DRaaS for IBM i has been approved and recommended by IBM since 2005.
  • Security
    We provide cloud services for financial institutions and other regulated industries, where secure access to data is paramount. Our managed cloud is protected against all security-related exit points, has network filtering with powerful intrusion detection modules, and features user-to-server security.
  • Support for x86 Architectures
    We understand that mission-critical environments often include x86 servers tightly-coupled to the IBM Power Systems and our DRaaS solutions support both architectures. We are unique as a cloud provider in that our cloud and managed service solutions are truly multiplatform.
  • Highly Accredited
    Our cloud was one of the first solutions for IBM i and, as a highly accredited IBM Power Systems partner, we deliver DRaaS on behalf of IBM to major clients in all industries.

Supporting IBM i, AIX and Linux Environments with DRaaS

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