Gain insight and visibility of your data


Only pay for what you use


Optimize data backup and recovery costs


Make the case for investment


Forecast your data backup and recovery costs

Same budget, greater efficiency

Recent surveys on IT spend show that only 7% of an organizations IT budget is spent on backup and recovery. This is a very small amount considering its importance in keeping a business up and running. It is therefore important to make sure that a business is making the most out of the budget they have for backup and recovery.     

Add to the fact that total worldwide data will swell to 163ZB by 2025, 10 times the amount today according to IDC. The majority of this will be created and managed by enterprises. This growth has significant implications for how businesses like yours manage and protect critical data.

So, how do you make sure that you're making the most out of the budget that you have for your backup and recovery needs? We are confident we can offer up to 50% savings by moving your business to a suite of licensing unique to Tectrade which offers a pay as you use or pay as you grow consumption model.

Tectrade take a policy/outcome driven approach to backup and recovery giving organizations a single, complete view of all your stored data and the means to backup and recover it no matter where it is — on-site or in the cloud.

We work with businesses to provide a cost optimization model, allowing them to build a solid business case such as moving from a traditional licensing model to a more cost effective Opex model. Our customers are always astounded at the cost savings we realise when we transition them in this way. We always ensure our customers achieve the best possible outcome to suit their business.

Tectrade help you make the right choices. The benefits help you to:

  • Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure so that you can define policies that will help you meet your business expectations of growth, cost management and performance

  • Review options for moving to an OpEX model (versus CapEX) so you pay only for what is used and is simple to scale up or down

  • Optimize data backup and recovery costs by utilizing existing assets more efficiently rather than just moving onto the next “shiny thing” and working to reduce unnecessary duplication of data

  • Make the right investment decisions helping you to make the business case for the most suitable solution by showing the impact of no change with our cost optimization tool

  • Provide forecasted costs of data backup and recovery for your business

  • Take the problem away - providing managed backup and recovery with our Helix Protect Managed Service

Reduce costs

Do you know what you are backing up and the real cost?

Request our cost optimization service and we will provide you with a report on your current data protection and recovery maturity, including providing you with a strategic roadmap of improvements that will help you save money and achieve greater backup success.

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