Gain insight and visibility of your data


Optimize data storage costs


Pay for only what you use


Reduce reliance on tape


Fast, smooth and easy migration

Helping your business realize the benefits of cloud managed backup

IT leaders are leveraging cloud architecture for secondary workflows such as backup, archival, and disaster recovery to the cloud. Traditionally, businesses have cobbled together multiple software solutions to address disaster recovery, backup, and archiving as part of a larger data protection practice which is inefficient and costly.

Today, the cloud offers greater efficiency for IT, more reliability for the business, and improved security for data. On top of the cloud’s security and scale benefits, consolidating workflows such as backup and disaster recovery in the cloud can save organizations anywhere from one-half to one-third of their costs.

Our experienced consultants work with your team to ensure they understand all the challenges surrounding your data environment. Our rigorous approach leaves no stone unturned before developing a policy that is uniquely fit for your business. Using our service portfolio of broad platforms, we then design and validate a data protection solution to suit you and your budget. We are confident that our final design will solve your business challenges and leave you with the security and peace of mind you have always wanted.

Taking stock of your approach to backup and recovery using our cost optimization and health check services will help you correct mistakes so you can respond quickly to an outage and reduce costly downtime.

Tectrade can help you make the right choice when moving to cloud backup. The benefits help you to:

  • Gain insight and visibility of your data infrastructure so that you can work out what should be migrated to cloud and whether this will provide ROI

  • Protect your data without expensive on-site hardware and administrative overhead

  • Move to an OpEX model (versus CapEX) so you pay only for what is used which is simple to scale

  • Lowers costs and eliminates reliance on tape backups

  • Accelerate time to value and minimize business impact when migrating

Seamless cloud migration

Want to embrace cloud backup? Don't know where to start?

Let us help you migrate to cloud backup without the stress, delivering a policy and solution that is fit for your business.

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