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NAS Backup Solutions

As data volumes grow, there's a bigger problem meeting recovery time objectives (RTO). We depend on our data, and we have set recovery times for our systems. Whatever the case may be, we typically will not be able to meet our RTOs and then RPOs because there is simply so much data to be restored. This is especially true with unstructured data and file servers, as sometimes backup of these can take longer than 24 hours. If it takes over 24 hours to backup files, there is no way it can be restored in 24 hours, meaning that RTOs are not met, and businesses are potentially at risk.

Add to the fact that total worldwide data will swell to 163ZB by 2025, 10 times the amount today according to IDC. The majority of this will be created and managed by enterprises and a lot of it will be within NAS. This growth has significant implications for how businesses like yours manage and protect critical data.

We enable faster NAS backup by continuously backing up file systems incrementally, reducing the amount of data to be transferred, and then breaking up the data into many parallel jobs which accelerates the identification of changed files so it becomes manageable and achieves RTO and RPO objectives.

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Tectrade can help you backup NAS - fast! 

We help by:

  • Providing the ability to meet RTO/RPO objectives regardless of data quantity

  • Providing continuous optimization of backup configuration order to use available resources (CPU, RAM, scan depth, etc.) to the greatest possible effect

  • Providing the ability to recover individual files from NAS storage

  • Providing snapshots of a file system to avoid errors resulting from user activity during backup

  • Providing assurance that all data is backed up

    Tectrade enables faster backup solutions for NAS and unstructured data by continuously backing up file systems entirely incrementally, using data de-duplication, and accelerating the identification of changes to data and the resulting movement of it so it becomes manageable and achieves RTO/RPO objectives.

Meet RTO's and RPO's

Need a way to backup unstructured NAS data easily and cost-effectively?

We have a solution accelerates backup times and reduces cost so you can meet your RTO/RPO objectives.

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