Tectrade PowerCloud Expanded with new IBM POWER9 Cores

Tectrade PowerCloud Expanded with new IBM POWER9 Cores

Blog by Matt Short, IBM Power Systems Cloud Architect at CSI Group

Tectrade PowerCloud Expansion

Following major infrastructure investment, we are implementing additional IBM POWER9 cores with the latest expansion phase of the Tectrade PowerCloud. This significantly increases the Tectrade PowerCloud compute capacity for IBM i, AIX, Linux, and OpenShift workloads providing a scalable platform for clients looking to adopt a hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

The Tectrade PowerCloud is deployed in state-of-the-art data centers and can be coupled with a range of high availability and disaster recovery solutions to meet the most stringent recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).

The platform provides support for a range of operating system releases on the latest technology, including IBM i V7R1 through to V7R4, plus various releases of AIX and Linux. Where needed the Tectrade PowerCloud also enables migration testing of earlier operating system versions for clients with challenges around older applications.

Flexible Cloud Consumption

The new Tectrade PowerCloud is about much more than providing significant levels of compute capacity. It allows a move to a flexible consumption model for clients with unpredictable workloads, allowing capacity to burst and shrink depending on workload profile coupled with metered usage. This gives clients the ability to pay for “what they use” rather than “what they might use”.

Based on “IBM Power Systems Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity”, formerly known as Power Enterprise Pools 2.0, the Tectrade PowerCloud also provides flexible options for short-term workloads such as temporary test environments and disaster recovery testing.

For example, Tectrade is currently working with a number of ISV partners to provide short-term performance test and templated “Test-as-a-Service” (TaaS) environments to their clients as a packaged service. For clients wanting to test applications on an upgraded version of the operating system, then Tectrade can provide customers with LPARs on a short-term basis.

Extending the Tectrade Managed Service

The evolution of the Tectrade PowerCloud is supported and underpinned by our experienced and skilled IBM Power managed service team who transition and operate these environments on a daily basis. Using state-of-the-art monitoring tools, our team ensures that the environment is always available and operating at optimum levels.

Hybrid IT is the Future

Organizations are increasingly looking for flexibility in their IT operations, and this often involves a hybrid architecture combining on-premise, private and public clouds. As the public IBM Cloud Power System Virtual Server offering evolves, we are perfectly positioned to integrate the Tectrade PowerCloud offering with IBM’s public cloud offering.

IBM has announced a plan to introduce hybrid capacity credits allowing pay per use compute resource that spans Power Private Cloud and Power Systems Virtual Server (IBM Cloud). When this feature becomes available later this year Tectrade will be able to allocate capacity credits to the Tectrade PowerCloud infrastructure or use them to fund IBM Cloud usage, depending on where the workloads sit.

How Tectrade can help you explore the Possibilities of Cloud

As an IBM Power Systems Cloud Architect at CSI Group, I have seen our cloud resources evolve through generations of IBM POWER and storage technology. I spend time consulting with clients to help provide the right cloud or hybrid cloud transformation, as well as architecting and developing the Tectrade PowerCloud expansion.

If you’ve found this blog insightful please get in touch to find out more about the ways we can help you explore the possibilities of the Tectrade PowerCloud and IBM Power Systems.

Matt Short

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