Taking data recovery to infinity and beyond

Taking data recovery to infinity and beyond

By Claire Goodall, Senior Client Executive at Tectrade

Data is instrumental to the success of any business, but its importance cannot be underestimated when it comes to broadcast and production.

If data is lost, you lose precious time ad it can be seriously damaging to the business's reputation. However, it is alarming how many companies fail to set up the correct measures for backup and recovery to secure critical data. This isn't a new problem either, Pixar almost lost all of Toy Story 2 when its main backup systems failed simultaneously. 

To implement an effective backup and recovery system, businesses need to improve their insight into their data ad the systems they have in place.  With visibility and insight into the data, storage can be optimised by organising data according to relevance, with regularly accessed files prioritised. This process saves data librarians time and saves the business money. 

Many of the legacy systems protecting the data are just not appropriate for 2019 and are causing headaches for producers, engineers and librarians whilst also putting the business at risk.

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