IBM POWER8 Statement of Direction

IBM POWER8 Statement of Direction

Lifecycle Planning Information for IBM POWER8 Systems

IBM has announced its intention to withdraw from marketing Miscellaneous Equipment Specification (MES) upgrades to POWER8 systems in January 2022.

The announcement means clients will not be able to order upgrades for components covered under Miscellaneous Equipment Specification such as memory, adapters, and internal storage.

The IBM Statement of Direction can be viewed here.

What next for IBM POWER8 clients?

For organizations still running IBM POWER8 with a requirement to upgrade those servers, this is important news and although no further details have been shared, we should assume that upgrading these systems after January next year will be problematic.

But don’t panic, Tectrade has the answer for any short-term capacity needs this announcement brings!

Please contact your Tectrade Client Director if you would like to discuss the next steps and how we can support your upgrade.