Averting an IBM i crisis

Averting an IBM i crisis

These words are written by Sheldon Azulay, one of our own resident IBM i and DR Technical consultants - enjoy!

"As an IT Professional, at times I find myself trying to keep up with the latest gadgets and toys hitting the market daily. I recently had my iPhone die on me and the panic set in, I’ve just lost all my contacts and other important things stored on my phone. I called Apple Support and we had to do a factory reset, for some reason my phone lost everything. I was not a happy person at this point, as I continued walking through the steps to recovery my phone with Apple Support. I was then asked if I was saving anything to iCloud, much to my joy I was saving all my contact’s to the Cloud. I also had done a save to my PC a couple of months prior, so I was able to restore to that point and push all my contacts back down to my phone.  I had minimal data loss on my phone and a personal crisis had been averted, but that got me thinking about the companies and what would happen in the event of a hardware failure to their core infrastructure. 

In IT we not only do our best day in and day out, we must keep up with the latest technology and software hitting the marketplace. We need to stay on top of these trends, or we risk losing the competitive edge with our customers. At Tectrade we have a great team of IT professionals specializing in Managed Services for the IBM i, AIX and Linux on Power communities.

In todays new world and with the growing need for employees to work remotely,  Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is at the for-front with our customer needs. Our team will provide and build out a solution that best fits your business needs, whether that be Cold Start, SAN to SAN replication or Real Time File Based replication. Tectrade can provide a source and or target LPAR in a different Fema region, and the solution will be fully managed regardless of what’s happening in the world today.  Our goal is to protect your data in a secure and safe manner and make sure that ticks all the boxes for you.

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as well as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions for your IBM i LPARs can use file-based replication software for rapid recovery, its almost instantaneous. This application will be managed by Tectrade IT Professionals and monitored by our 24/7 manned service operations center.  This provides virtual role swap testing and allows for data verification and customer own software validationYou can switch your environment and test on your DR solution on a target LPAR, there will be no impact to any of your users on your source system while testing. There is no downtime and you can validate your data without having to perform a network swing. During a virtual swap only replication is ended,  the application keeps track of all changes that were made on the target during the swap. At the end of your testing the application will roll back the changes on the target LPAR.  

DRaaS/IaaS provides companies infrastructure options, extending your IT department and taking on the responsibility for a failover should one arise. Our Team at Tectrade will manage the infrastructure as well as your DR plan, ensuring RTO and RPO times are met.

Best of all you don't have to be like Vince, we will carry out your DR Test's for you so you can focus your energy on other priorities and navigating IT during these strange times"

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